Reliv Independent Distributor
Entire Family Enjoyed Reliv Since 1992 

We're living an extended "honeymoon", thanks to Reliv.  We feel good every day, and we have time and finances to enjoy each other and the world.

Our entire family has enjoyed great health since starting Reliv products in 1992.  Jan wasn't tired evenings after being with three young kids all day.  She was able to resume vigorous exercise and running, with healthy skin,  and no longer dreads the change of seasons. 

Al first slept better, not dragging at his mid-afternoon soccer/basketball practices.  Despite multiple knee operations, he is again fully physically active.  
Our three kids, Ari, Mara, & Nico, seven, five, and three in '92 simply didn't get sick, and bounced back quickly from athletic workouts & injuries.  Now 34, 32, 30, all—including spouses & children—enjoy optimal overall fitness.  
After our initial results, we shared Reliv with others.  The business has far exceeded our original goals, allowing the kids to graduate college debt-free, and Al retire early.  We recently returned from our 15th all-expense paid trip with Reliv, to a glorious all-inclusive Mexico resort.